Twin Nation

Twin Nation

TwinNation are two twin brothers (Sanwone &Santae Benjamin)from Charlotte, NC who have been in the dance community for years now. The twins started dancing in local talent shows throughout middle school and high school, through the years they have recently been on this year’s episode of “America’s Got Talent” (New York ). The duo got their first big break in the “Breakin Convention ” 1&2 and 3(2015,2016,2017)dance showcase. The twins have also started their new dance classes which incorporate all styles of dance and have plans to go on tour with big artists like Beyonce, Demi Livoto, Chris Brown, and more and will start their own dance company called TwinNation Dance Company that help dancers learn more about their craft and help book talent and most of all change lives. The twins also have a mini-documentary titled “From The Streets To The Stage “about their life and journey and the plans they have to change the world with dance. The twins have also started their dance classes to the public in Charlotte, N.C. to the public every Friday from Kids and adults to beginners HipHop classes, and advanced classes 

Resume-Breakin Convention 2015-2017

Superbowl 55- 2021

OpenArt Surgery-2017

N.C. Dance festival Tour-2018

Uncc- international festival -2018

Superbowl 2021

Charlotte Hornets Dancers 2022-2023

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